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This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of October 26th through November 1st. This week includes questions about collection development, thought provoking discussions about intellectual property rights and enemies of libraries , reference librarian development,  and the value of library Ph.d programs. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:weekly update

  • Topic   »    Creative display ideas – Robin Shader in Georgia would like your ideas for a display workshop – Abbey Dunlap has many!
  • Topic   »     Best book of the year – David Faulkner wants to know – What has been your favorite ___ this year? – Not just for books!
  • Topic   »    PLA Room Share wiki for 2010 – Kathleen Hughes and Brenda Dowling want you to ‘get a room’.
  • Topic   »    Intellectual property rights – Michael McGrorty points to this Chicago Tribune article – cd ownership – Is ripping from a Library CD ripping off?
  • Topic   »    Facebook courses – France Meadows would like to know if you have taught courses on Facebook. 
  • Topic   »    Community resource websites – Kim Braun in Chester, PA would like examples of community resource websites.  Looks like a job for Drupal!
  • Topic   »    Cat litter redux – Phalbe Henriksen in Taylorsville, NC wants to know – Does cat litter preserve library materials?
  • Topic   »    Shelving plan expertise – Pam Kiesner in Bellingham, WA asks for the best method of reshelving – What is most efficient?
  • Topic   »    Ph.D. Program in Library Science – Judith Turner questions the real value of the Ph. D – Is the MLS the real terminal degree?
  • Topic   »    Career change – A new MLS want to know how to get her foot in the door – In the current economy, how do you start?
  • Topic   »    Reference Department Structure – Carrie Herrman in Burlington, KY would like help developing management skills for reference librarians?
  • Topic   »    Looking for libraries with gardens – Mary Jordan at Simmons is looking for examples of library gardens – How does your garden grow?
  • Topic   »    Oak Brook, the Attorney and the Teamsters – Kathy Berggren offers this story of a library community undermined in Oak Brook, IL  –  How do we respond?

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