Library Bumper Sticker and T-Shirt Slogans

????  If this persists, ask a librarian.

Book it to your library

Books – no batteries required

Check me out tonight

Check out a librarian.

Dewey? You bet we do!

Do you have a library card, ’cause I’d like to check you out?

Don’t just sit there…circulate

Fight the stupids…Read!

Follow Me To The Library

I’m a Librarian and I WILL shush your ass

I’d Rather Be Reading

I’m a librarian, don’t make me shoosh your ass

If you can read…thank a teacher. If you find something to read…thank a librarian

Incunabula is not a social disease

Info to Go @ Your Library

Knowledge is a renewable resource

Librarian: the human search engine

Librarians Are Book Lovers

Librarians are infomaniacs

Librarians are loan arrangers

Librarians are Novel Lovers

Librarians do it between the covers

Librarians Do It by the Book

Librarians Do It In Stacks

Librarians don’t know everything…. they just know where to find everything

Librarians Have Better Circulation

Librarians Work in a Bookie Joint

Librarians: Pharmacists For the Mind

Librarians: Travel agents for the imagination

Librarians:  The Happy Bookers

Libraries: Something for every chapter of your life!

Libraries:  The carbon-based user-friendly information interface

Library: an awarehouse for the imagination.

Library:  the KNOWplace for KNOWbodies.

Look smart – carry a book. Be smart –carry a library book.

Militant Cataloger

My Other Car is a Bookmobile

Not your grandma’s library

Old librarians never die they just lose their references

Old librarians never die they just get reshelved.

Open a book, open your mind.

Public Libraries: Something the government does right!

Public Libraries: The university of the common man/woman.

Public Libraries: We buy excellent things with your money and we want you to use them.

Read Books Not Bumper Stickers

Read Books Not T-Shirts

Readers are leaders….you’re following one now

Real Men Read

Renew yourself at your library

Those who do not read are no better off than those who cannot…use your library

When you absolutely, positively HAVE to know, ask a librarian

WWYLD – What would your librarian do?

You can have my book when you pry it from my cold dead hand.

Your Library: Dewey Drop In!

Your public library – more than books

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  2. thanx for the slogans. they r too good.

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