Georgia Library Laws

Georgia Statutes :

State Library Association: Georgia Library Association

Security Breach Notification Law : Ga. Code §§ 10-1-910, -911

Data Disposal Law: Ga. Code §10-15-2

Library Records Privacy:

O.C.G. § 24-9-46  
§ 24-9-46.  Confidential nature of certain library records

   (a) Circulation and similar records of a library which identify the user of library materials shall not be public records but shall be confidential and may not be disclosed except:
(1) To members of the library staff in the ordinary course of business;
(2) Upon written consent of the user of the library materials or the user’s parents or guardian if the user is a minor or ward; or
(3) Upon appropriate court order or subpoena.
(b) Any disclosure authorized by subsection (a) of this Code section or any unauthorized disclosure of materials made confidential by that subsection (a) shall not in any way destroy the confidential nature of that material, except for the purpose for which an authorized disclosure is made. A person disclosing material as authorized by subsection (a) of this Code section shall not be liable therefor.

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