Winter Driving

Elisa Babel, MLS

With winter soon to be upon us, I’m reposting the driving tips (with a few additions)  from my post in February 2010A winter wonderland is fun to imagine but not so much if you have to drive in it.

♦  Check your local jurisdiction about street parking during snow emergencies.

♦  If you take public transportation, check on service operations when snow is forecasted.

♦  If you have garage parking at your library or at a public garage, park there on days that snow is forecasted.  It will help to keep you and your car clean and dry.

♦  If you are parking outside, invest in a car cover from an auto store and use it when snow is forecasted.  Scraping ice off your windshield is no fun.

♦   Got that windshield scraper?  Full gas tank? Fully charged cell phone?  Emergency numbers if you get stuck?

♦   Tune into your favorite news station (TV or radio) for traffic reports and updates–conditions can change without warning.

♦   If you’ve got a back windshield wiper, use it!  While driving, snowflakes can accumulate on the back windshield too.

♦   Be aware of “disappearing” lanes and odd traffic patterns.

♦  Keep your distance behind road treatment trucks and other equipment.  They don’t go very fast!

♦  Turn on your headlights!   Daytime headlights won’t cut it.

♦   Stick to the main roads. Your favorite back road or short cut may be too dangerous to travel during a snowstorm.

♦   If your library closes early for snow and/or it’s snowing when you leave, take something to drink and a small snack in your car.  You could be in for a longer drive home than usual.  Same goes for public transportation.

♦  Take your time driving.  You will be going slower than posted speed limits. 

♦ Once you’re safely home, don’t go out unless it’s necessary!

Culture of the Book, Gutenberg Parenthesis and new ways of learning

Excellent position paper on the culture of the book:

Gutenberg Parenthesis 

 Jeff Jarvis (author of What Would Google Do?)  discusses this and more in the Huffington Post article today :  Who says our way is the right way?

Ptolemy III had a standing order that visitors coming to Alexandria would surrender written works so that copies could be made for the Library. With subsequent fires, permanence was not granted to those collections. But, potential readership at least doubled.

Google has a standing order to accumulate books from wherever they might obtain them so copies can be made for that digital library. It is unclear what would lead to impermanence of those collections. Potential readership is unlimited.

  • Kings and Dominant Corporations.
  • Mobile Ships as vessels of information and Libraries with Interlibrary Loan.
  • Sanskrit and Hexidecimal.
  • Ideas and Ideas.

DVDs dead, streaming lives – Netflix Development

Delivering and Marketing Information

Here is an excellent interview on the streaming market and delivery to consumers:

Netflix offers the ability for anyone to become a developer using its API :

This (free) development process lets you create channels with potential global distribution and delivery using Roku, Wii, PS3, PCs, Macs, and XBOX.

There is huge potential for collaboration using this method to create library oriented channels and marketing library services. Library channels could deliver author talks, book reviews, library development, best practices in library management, children’s programming and more.