Contributors to the popular listserve  PUBLIB wanted a place to view some of the best strings of comments from the collective mind of over 10,000  subscribers. PubLib members include librarians of all sorts, trustees, support staff and library friends from all over the world.  Enjoy!

Here is where you can fine more information about subscribing to Publib through the host OCLC to participate in the discussion and receive in digest by individual post format.  Here is where you can find more information about the old list hosted by  Webjunction and the old archives.  Thanks go out to our friends at WebJunction and OCLC for hosting and archiving our discussions.

Some of the narratives included in Best of PubLib employ literary point of view  along with sarcasm, sophistries, irony, satire, and outright falsehoods.  A sense of humor  is appreciated.  Data contained at this web site or at any site linked from this site has not been reviewed for accuracy or legal sufficiency. The documents displayed are for entertainment purposes and a means of facilitating discussion between people  interested in librarianship and the ecology of libraries. Their completeness or accuracy are not guaranteed and should be taken with a grain of salt – (cum) grano salis – a  healthy dose of scepticism along with everything else found on the internet – including  ‘bona-fide’  news sources.

In providing  external links Best of PubLib does not accept responsibility for or endorse the content or condition of any linked site nor does it incur any obligation, responsibility or liability on the part of the site.

If you would like to submit an article relating to the field of Library Science for inclusion in Best of Publib, or have suggestions for content – please email / contact the editor Robert Balliot and include Best of Publib in the subject line.

5 Responses

  1. I sent two PUBLIB posts to ‘publib@WEBJUNCTION.ORG’ on the topic of “OverDrive and 3M Cloud Library” [last night about 5:45pm CST, and a repeat of it this morning at about 9:21am CST–because I didn’t think it posted]. Does PUBLIB not include the originator of the post in a copy on the List anymore??? I did see today an acknowledgement from OCLC that it was sent to PUBLIB[but that message had not appeared on PUBLIB]. Thank you.

  2. Just a quick note to let you know that I mentioned “The Best of PubLib” in an article I had published in InFocus by Library Works / Librarians Yellow Pages. It was entitled “The Top 25 Library Blogs.” I also repurposed / republished it on the Rivistas Subscription Services site at http://libraries.rivistas.com/top-25-library-blogs/

    Thanks for having such a great library oriented blog/site!

  3. […] librarians, it has some great information regarding collection development and information literacy Best of PubLib – contains selections from the PubLib […]

  4. Hoping this is helpful info. PubLib is now managed by OCLC and info on managing subscriptions and access to archives is available here: http://listserv.oclc.org/archives/publib.html

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