Best of PubLib at ALA-Midwinter Update

American Library Association Mid-Winter Meeting

We  consumed the Boston Convention Center exhibit hall today.  Boston is nearly 50 degrees farenheit!  We will feature some of the most interesting  exhibitors and products that we found in a special edition of Best of Publib on January 20th – we have pictures of them all.  But tonight, we dine with Canadians!

This Week in Best of Publib

Best of Publib Current Topics and Meeting at ALA

This week in Best of Publib includes an interesting combination of self-revelation, librarian aspirations, and children’s literature. Topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Don’t Kid Yourself / Children’s Books / Childcraft
  • If I were a rich man / woman / lottery winnner
  • Visiting librarians – housing librarian travelers
  • Classic literature – definitions and classifications

Diane Harmon – Associate Director at Joliet Public Library – reminds everyone of the upcoming PubLib gathering at ALA being held at:

PUBLIB Get-together at ALA Annual 2009 5:30 p.m. –
Whenever, Friday, July 10, 2009 Sol y Nieve
215 E. Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60611

To all the ALA attendees, have a great time and remember the lessons learned in Seattle.