This Week in Best of Publib

Best of Publib Current Topics and Meeting at ALA

This week in Best of Publib includes an interesting combination of self-revelation, librarian aspirations, and children’s literature. Topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Don’t Kid Yourself / Children’s Books / Childcraft
  • If I were a rich man / woman / lottery winnner
  • Visiting librarians – housing librarian travelers
  • Classic literature – definitions and classifications

Diane Harmon – Associate Director at Joliet Public Library – reminds everyone of the upcoming PubLib gathering at ALA being held at:

PUBLIB Get-together at ALA Annual 2009 5:30 p.m. –
Whenever, Friday, July 10, 2009 Sol y Nieve
215 E. Ohio St. Chicago, IL 60611

To all the ALA attendees, have a great time and remember the lessons learned in Seattle.