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How to Subscribe to the Publib Listserve

The recent migration of Publib to OCLC resulted in a non-intuitive subscription process.  As of the time of this posting, the module is incorrectly configured and Publib archives are in a private area.  The following steps are a work-around that will allow new subscribers to register.  These steps should also make it apparent how to access the archives.

Update – Jan 15, 2012:   The following process provided by OCLC will allow new subscribers to register without using the steps below for the GUI: 

  • From the email address you wish to use for your interaction with the list, send an email to: and put subscribe publib in the body.  You can put this in the subject line as well, but it is not required. (Note from editor: leave subject line blank OR put subscribe publib in it)



Step 1.

Step 1

  Step 2. 

Step 2



Step 3.

Step 3

 Step 4.

Step 4Step 5.Step 5

 Step 6.

Step 6

 Step 7.

Step 7

 Step 8.

Step 8

 Step 9.

Step 9

 Step 10.

Step 10

 Step 11.

Step 11

 Step 12.

Step 12

 Step 13.

Step 13

  Step 14.

Step 14

 Step 15.

Step 15

 Step 16.

Step 16


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The Publib Archives

The Publib archives from the Webjunction listserve are available here: Archives

Archives compiled after Dec. 7, 2011 are available here: Archives