Winter Driving

Elisa Babel, MLS

With winter soon to be upon us, I’m reposting the driving tips (with a few additions)  from my post in February 2010A winter wonderland is fun to imagine but not so much if you have to drive in it.

♦  Check your local jurisdiction about street parking during snow emergencies.

♦  If you take public transportation, check on service operations when snow is forecasted.

♦  If you have garage parking at your library or at a public garage, park there on days that snow is forecasted.  It will help to keep you and your car clean and dry.

♦  If you are parking outside, invest in a car cover from an auto store and use it when snow is forecasted.  Scraping ice off your windshield is no fun.

♦   Got that windshield scraper?  Full gas tank? Fully charged cell phone?  Emergency numbers if you get stuck?

♦   Tune into your favorite news station (TV or radio) for traffic reports and updates–conditions can change without warning.

♦   If you’ve got a back windshield wiper, use it!  While driving, snowflakes can accumulate on the back windshield too.

♦   Be aware of “disappearing” lanes and odd traffic patterns.

♦  Keep your distance behind road treatment trucks and other equipment.  They don’t go very fast!

♦  Turn on your headlights!   Daytime headlights won’t cut it.

♦   Stick to the main roads. Your favorite back road or short cut may be too dangerous to travel during a snowstorm.

♦   If your library closes early for snow and/or it’s snowing when you leave, take something to drink and a small snack in your car.  You could be in for a longer drive home than usual.  Same goes for public transportation.

♦  Take your time driving.  You will be going slower than posted speed limits. 

♦ Once you’re safely home, don’t go out unless it’s necessary!

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