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This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of December 31st, 2009 through January 10th, 2010. This week includes questions about insect extermination, thought-provoking discussions about the politics of library cards and communication , comparison of cataloging software,  and the effect of weather on library operations. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:weekly update

  • Topic   »    iTunes on Public Computers – Natalie Morgan in Boerne, TX asks how to accomodate iPod downloads  – Can privacy and security be expected?
  • Topic   »    Braille – Michael McGrorty in Los Angeles provides this NYT article on the use of Braille  – Are there viable alternatives?
  • Topic   »    Email Notification Complaint – Diedre Conkling in Newport, Oregon is investigating the efficiency of email notices – Does email notice content differ from paper?
  • Topic   »    Buggy books – Karen Hiser in Charleston, West Virginia wants to know how to kill bug / insect eggs in library materials – What are the best methods for extermination?
  • Topic   »    Quick (hopefully) question about Excel – Phalbe Henriksen in Taylorsville, NC  seeks tutorials on Excel chart creation
  • Topic   »    Home Cataloging Software? – Tony Ross seeks reviews of cataloging software for collections >2500 without the social networking of:  Shelfari, LibraryThing  and Goodreads – What are your experiences with software such as:  Readerware  , Collectorz  and Delicious-Monster?
  • Topic   »    definitions needed – reference vs. non-reference – Ellen Eyberg in El Paso, TX asks for guidance on the scope of reference questions – When does direction become an intellectual endeavor?
  • Topic   »    Infopeople’s webinar “TEDx for Libraries” – Linda Rodenspiel of is promoting TEDx webinar to facilitate library programming – TED rocks!
  • Topic   »    Library card needed for checkout? – Linda Fairbanks in Oak Brook, IL questions library card mandates – What are the politics of library cards?
  • Topic   »    Wiki in the Library question – Kevin Clement wants to know how libraries are using Wiki’s as internal communication tools – How do Wiki’s work for you?
  • Topic   »    Advocating for YA Librarian – Ryan Livergood in Dover, MA wants to show critical need for young adult librarians – What are some great examples?
  • Topic   »    CD/DVD cleaning machines – Mary Hall in Bedford, IN would like to get ratings and opinions of CD / DVD cleaning machines – Which ones work the best?
  • Topic   »    Open Source Newspaper Indexing Software – Jesse Higel in Mount Vernon, OH seeks examples of free / Open Source indexing software.  Sharon Foster in New Hampshire provides an excellent example  with Zoho Creator.
  • Topic   »    Cameras – Debbie Winlock would like opinions on the use of security cameras in libraries – What works? What doesn’t?
  • Topic   »    ebook readers – experience/success with the audio download – any personal or professional testimonials – Gail Preslar Kingsport, TN seeks evaluation along with ongoing technical reviews – Sony Reader , Amazon Kindle , Barnes & Noble Nook are market leaders.
  • Topic   »    Expanded use OPAC – Joe McKenzie would like  optimal methods for utilizing OPAC computers as short-term web browsers – Does expanding internet access create more demand? If you build it, who will come?
  • Topic   »    Position Open in the Beautiful NW – Regan Robinson in Lynden, WA  advertised this Web Coordinator position  at Whatcom Library System – Resident Arizonian PubLib humorist Joe Schallan takes exception to  ‘beautiful Northwest‘.
  • Topic   »    Closing for weather poll – Linda Cannon – Joplin, MO wants to know when you shut your library down due to weather – What closes your library? 

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