This Week in Best of PubLib 12.30.2009

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Happy New Year from Best of PubLib

This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of December 22nd through December 30th. This week includes questions about hardware and software, thought-provoking discussions about intellectual freedom, library security,  and pets in libraries. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic   »    Suspected getaway driver, woman, arrested in library…  Phalbe Henriksen brings us this story from North Carolina where the suspects attempted to use the library as a hideout – Are libraries safe houses?
  • Topic   »    Screening Rated R films at your library –  Hiawatha Henry in Houston, TX   wants to know what policies and pitfalls there are for screening R-rated films in libraries – Sue Kamm notes that the MPAA sets the rating standards and libraries should not act in loco parentis
  • Topic   »    Permission slips for Minors – Monica Casanova in Monticello, IN is looking for examples of permission slips for screening R rated films – Are permission slips part of your library rules?
  • Topic   »    Scanners for public use – Alison R. Moss in  Lafayette, IN wants to know what products and policies libraries are using for scanners
  • Topic   »    Freedom and detention – Michael McGrorty in Los Angeles, CA  notes how Al Hajj was released without charges – are we in a police state?
  • Topic   »    Off Duty Police Officers – Sydne Dean in Colorado wants to know the benefits of using off-duty police officers to provide library security  – what is the best balance of security?
  • Topic   »    lap top computers – Pam Tomka in Washington, IL is looking at loaning out lap tops – who has a great policies and procedures?
  • Topic   »    Testing DVD playability – Cab Vinton in Sanbornton, NH is having trouble verifying if DVD problems are with the players or media – is there a great software or process?
  • Topic   »    Compilation of Instant Message Responses – Becky Carden in Fort Wayne, IN provided a list of IM products for VRS (virtual reference services) including: Meebo, Wimba Pronto, QuestionPoint, Library31p, and LivePerson – how do you implement virtual reference?
  • Topic   »    Donor Recognition Policies – Abigail Elder in Tualitin, Oregon wants excellent examples of donor recognition – How do you recognize your benefactors?
  • Topic   »    Memorial donations – Jeanne Valentine in Illinois is looking for ways to improve memorial books program – are there bookplate standards?
  • Topic   »    Pets in Public Libraries – Wendy Wendt in Grand Forks, ND inherited a library cat- what are the pros and cons of pets in libraries? Are there liabilities for allergic responses? What happens with waste?

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