This Week in Best of PubLib 12.22.2009

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Our special holiday edition of  This week in Best of Publib covers  December 14th through December 22rd. This Best of PubLib report includes questions about collection development,  excellent library quotes, reference librarian development,  and the impact of intergenerational conflict. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic   »    social software user policy question – Penny Ramirez in Crystal Lake, IL is looking for library policy examples –  How does your library facilitate or inhibit social networking?
  • Topic   »    ADA compliant software –  Renee J. Ponzio   in Eau Claire, WI wants to know if you have found language software that meets ADA criteria – Do the accessibility tools that are standard with Mac and PC systems make language software compliant?
  • Topic   »    weird animal sounds storytime –  Linda Myer   in Marysville OH compiled a list of children’s books recommended by PubLib readers that  help children discover animal sounds – Who hoots?  – sounds like a job for librarians!
  • Topic   »    Dewey-less libraries – Kevin O’Kelly   in Somerville, MA is looking for alternative methods of finding library materials. Is there a better system than OCLC’s Dewey? What is the ultimate example of sign systems and call numbers?
  • Topic   »    Broadband Stimulus – Andrea Taylor   in Fullerton, CA  is looking at the impact of  stimulus funds on high-bandwidth connectivity – Will broadband stimulus affect and enhance your services?
  • Topic   »   Western Fiction for a bookclub discussion – Terry Sterling   in Fresno, CA got excited enough abut the recent collection development topic on Westerns to envision a bookclub discussion – What do you recommend?
  • Topic   »    Middle School Book Club Selection –   in Lebanon, OR is looking for selections appropriate for Middle School students – On that topic is Lost really just an adult Lord of the Flies ?
  • Topic   »    Library Quote –  Michael R. Meise     in Roanoke, VA  is looking for the perfect quote for a library bag – many excellent suggestions were offered.
  • Topic   »    Retirement!!  George Hazelton   in McDonough, GA has announced his upcoming retirement – Congratulations !  Huzzah  !
  • Topic   »    Tutorial on –  Sana Moulder    in Fayetteville NC is teaching a course on Ancestry and is looking for tips – How far back can you trace your lineage?
  • Topic   »    Computer Access Passes…  Ron Block in Jacksonville, FL wants to know how you ration computer services to non-residents – Is your access universal?
  • Topic   »    teen areas –  Cindy Hayes    in High Ridge, MO  is concerned about adults in the teen areas – Do teens and adults mix? Should adults be restricted from convenient access to teen oriented collections? When is being a child at heart or in mind a bad thing? Should libraries foster intergenerational relationships

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