This Week in Best of PubLib 11.08.09

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This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of November 2nd through November 8th. This week includes questions about collection management,  discussions about language learning systems , library crime,  and the do’s and don’ts of library work. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:weekly update

  • Topic   »    Major news regarding Highwood (IL) PL  – Karen Turk brings us news of library board members being dismissed – Does this create a new precedent?
  • Topic   »    CDs – Cataloging and displaying – Donald Crews in Union, Kentucky wants to know how you organize your CD collections
  • Topic   »    Help finding a website on library legal issues – Elizabeth Fraser wants to locate a website for library legalities – Diedre Conkling recommends LibraryLaw
  • Topic   »    V-ness – In a twist of the discussion on the Oak Brook incident – M. McGrorty in Los Angeles tries to define the nature of vileness – Does gender weigh heavily or is vileness a universal condition?
  • Topic   »    Waiver of Responsibility for Displayed Art – Sue Violino in Norwalk, CT is looking for examples of art display waivers – Is public art a public risk?
  • Topic   »    A Spoooky Tale of Shameless Self Promotion –  David Wright the Seattle Public Library is telling stories on NPR – Listen !
  • Topic   »    Social networking policies – PubLib moderator Karen Schneider is looking for examples – How do you control in-house 2.o use?
  • Topic   »    50 things [library staff] should never do – Tom Cooper in Webster Groves, Missouri is creating a list – Are there more do’s than don’ts?
  • Topic   »    Language Learning Systems – Natalie Morgan wants to know what you are using – Byki , Mango , PowerSpeak and Tell Me More  get recommended.
  • Topic   »    library robberies – The 50 things discussion diverged into library crime – what will they steal next?
  • Topic   »    MA Library in trouble – Melissa Mannon gave us the news that the Massachusetts State Library is under the gun – what is the governor thinking?
  • Topic   »    Library Jobs – There is a new tool available – maybe it can help you!
  • Topic   »    Helping Friends – Marita Squires in Oregon wants to know your policies for staff helping Library Friends – When is helping friends hurting staff?
  • Topic   »    Trackball Abductions – are trackballs being abused or is this a false memory? – PubLib members want to know!

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