This Week in Best of PubLib 10.25.09

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This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of October 19th through October 25th. This week includes discussions about collection development, thought provoking discussions about Blue-ray vs DVD and overdue fines , unanswerable questions,  and irksome library phrases. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:weekly update

  • Topic   » All Star Line-Up for PLA 2010 – Kathleen Hughes reports on the authors coming to Portland, OR  in March 2010.
  • Topic   » Jane Austen read alike – Director Mamie Ney in Maine wants your recommendations for her book group.
  • Topic   »  Non-resident use – Steve Benson and others continue the discussion on Charging for Internet Access – what is your philosophy?
  • Topic   » Uses for catalog cards – Pat Kaufman in New York asks how you use catalog cards – Are you displaying them artistically?
  • Topic   » Internet home pages –  Melissa Davidson wants to know your homepage – is your library homepage a local portal?
  • Topic   »  Shelving test – How do you test shelvers’ knowledge of classification systems – software? – algorithms? – Sue Kamm and others came up with some simple solutions. 
  • Topic   »  H1N1 Plans – Elizabeth Fraser in West Virginia is planning for the worst – What system do you have in place for a large outbreak?
  • Topic   »  Blue-ray vs. DVD – Marla in Montana wants to know collection development guidelines for Blue-ray and standard DVD – Who collects what and why?
  • Topic   » Pros and cons of charging overdue fines – Do you charge fines?  If you don’t – why not?
  • Topic   » Unanswerable questions – Catherine Wiggins in Myrtle Beach, SC is putting together  a list of unanswerable questions – How many are there?
  • Topic   » Library Journal released Placements & Salaries Survey 2009 – What are the new career trends for the recession?
  • Topic   » Career databases – Ashely Biggs in LA is looking for career databases to serve the needs of high school students – Who has the best articles?
  • Topic   » Point of order – Michael McGorty wants to know what is off topic for PubLib – Are intellectual discussions affecting collection development allowed?
  • Topic   » Friday rant – Joe Schallan would like to know what library words/phrases should be retired – What phrase irks you the most?

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