This Week in Best of PubLib 9.27.09

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This week  in  Best of Publib covers the week of September 20th through September 27th. The last week includes fanciful discussions about library ecology, thought provoking discussions about FLSA and short story collection development, continuing discussions about cell phones,  and even a song about Quiet Libraries. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic – Quiet place and other strange ideas about libraries – Are modern libraries really quiet work places or is that another myth?
  • Topic – Fair labor standards – Sharon Foster offered an employment survey testing FLSA exempt status – Should you be getting overtime?
  • Topic – Banned books week is upon us –  Please see Elisa Babel’s excellent article in BoP.
  • Topic Cell phones create demand for a modern cone of silence – Should we Get Smart and install these?
  • Topic – Asking library users to leave if they have H1N1  – And,  should libraries stock supplies such as masks to inhibit infections?
  • Topic  What about a Skype phonebooth? Can we offer more with less? How would this affect patron use of phone booths? Would there be a resurgence of heros?
  • Topic – Pseudo children, the Shoe Syndrome and library card replacement – they could be twins but might they also be clones? 
  • Topic – Short stories – who reads them, who wants them, and where should they go?
  • Topic   ‘Patriot’ Act news from Diedre Conkling – parts of the act are due to sunset – should they?
  • Topic –   Darla Wegener offered a humorous parody of Bjork’s song  It’s, Oh, So Quiet  set to the modern public library ecology.

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