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This week  in  Best of Publib covers two weeks – September 7th to September 19th. PubLib was being upgraded by OCLC/Webjunction on September 13th. The last two weeks include fanciful discussions about library ecology, thought provoking discussions regarding LSSI,  evaluation of Better World Books , staff cell phones,  and how to effectively weed old librarians. Some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic – Florida Librarians Fight Back Against LSSI –  Obviously, someone thinks libraries are profit centers. Why else would they sue?
  • Topic – Needing Librarians – What role should Librarians have in national debates? Can we still help facilitate critical thinking or is reasoning a thing of the past?
  • Topic – Pulling the Plug –  Should a bill be enacted to eliminate old librarians?
  • Topic Funny Names for Patrons –  Learn the stories of Old Smeller, Peter Pan,  Generals Hershey Bar and Wastemoreland. Did they have nicknames for us too?
  • Topic – Safelink –  Are there ‘free’ cell phones and airtime sponsored by the government?   Apparently, libraries are supposed to help with this.  IRS and FCC outlets?
  • Topic – Philadelphia Free Libraries –  This venerable institution initiated by Dr. Pepper was in danger of closing.   Supporters came though and the library was saved.
  • Topic – The World is Flat –  Local government  functions are being downsized and outsourced. What is next for Librarians?
  • Topic – Staff Cell Phones –  Do staff members need cell phones to function or is it a  myth  of marketing ?  Should you hear me now?
  • Topic The 62-Cent Solution from the Reminiscences of Joe Schallan, MLS  –  How does one cope with the priviledged patron?
  • Topic – Current Events  –  The national political discussion spills over to Publib. Should Librarians participate in those discussion?  

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The Publib Archives

The Publib archives from the Webjunction  listserve are available here:  Archives  


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