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This week  in  Best of Publib includes some elegant and thoughtful discussions on filtering products, the future of Libraries as presented by CNN, tracking problem patrons, and the ever-popular sewage in libraries – some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic – Discontinuing Fax Service – How has this service evolved or devolved? What is the future of this technology? Just the fax ma’am.
  • Topic – CNN on Libraries – The future of libraries is being ‘investigated’ by CNN – but is this really investigative journalism or biased pandering?
  • Topic Cataloging Advance Reader Copy ARC – How should uncorrected advanced reader copies be cataloged? Should they?
  • Topic Barracuda Filters and Others –  Blocking patron access and blocking spam – how well do the filters work? Filters ?- we don’t need no stinkin’ filters!
  • Topic – Circulation on Multiple Floors –  What efficiency is lost or gained from providing circulation services on multiple floors?  Taking checkout to a higher level.
  • Topic Have Advanced Reader Copies been Hit by the Economy?  Are advanced reader copies being replaced by electronic versions? What does this mean to reviewers?
  • Topic Tracking Problem Patrons –  How do we balance the privacy issues of patrons against the need to maintain order?  What methods work the best?
  • Topic – Children’s library on the second floor – How well does this design work for children, their parents, and the library? Is it a good design? Hazards?
  • Topic Sewage back-ups – Should libraries remain open while raw sewage creeps through the building? 

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Please note – there was an absence of Friday Humor by Joe Schallan this week, or maybe it just did not go through.  To offset, liberal use of Joe Friday references were made in this update.