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This week  in  Best of Publib includes some elegant and thoughtful discussions on collection development, the value of GSLIS programs and the future of public libraries – some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic – Displaying Reserved Items – practical information including self-serve holds and self-check out methods.
  • Topic Guilt – Jobs and People – Library filth – Joe Schallan’s musings on the meaning of GSLIS  and the ‘microbial ecology’ of the public library.
  • Topic Proper conduct by retired librarians – Joe Schallan’s introspective look at the career endgame – do old librarians just check out or is there more, much more?
  • Topic – Library-based IT troubleshooting services –  should we help patrons fix those computer things or CTRL ALT DEL the request for help?
  • Topic – Carpet alternatives –  flooring alternatives for busy community rooms – hypoallergenic and stain resistant alternatives?
  • Topic IRS forms – the forms have attracted patrons in droves – but what problems are happening with the 1099?
  • Topic Fear of Facebook –  the Web 2.0 is now becoming 3.0 and many librarians concerned with the implications of social networks  – how to cope with the changes?
  • Topic – Part-time employment – Wal-Mart — the future – Wal-Mart is making changes – some which parallel library trends – should we be concerned ?

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