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This week  in  Best of Publib includes some elegant and thoughtful discussions on collection development, the value of GSLIS programs and the future of public libraries – some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Topic – Cataloging 9/11 ‘conspiracy’ materials – do conspiracy ‘theories’ belong with the official truth, or in their own section?
  • Topic H1N1 sanitation redux – handwashing and inhaling in the swine flu era – librarians behind the mask.
  • Topic Jobs and People- including many permutations – Favorite Books, Library Education, Library Organizational Structure, Library Job Descriptions and Ethics.
  • Topic – Missing the Boat – future  of librarianship/ technology skills and the ups and downs of the MLS/MLIS – do we know enough?
  • Topic – Nuke the Books – will the California  book microwaving trend catch on across the US,  is it just an isolated fad or a recipe for disaster?
  • Topic Is this thing on? – some libraries are allowing print reference to go out – what does this mean to circulation and collection provenance?

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The Publib Archives

The publib archives from the Webjunction  listserve are available here:  Archives  

Please note that the list moderator has notified the readership that some postings are not that funny.   You know who you are.

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