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This week  in  Best of Publib includes some interesting discussions on library security and public relations – some of the topics we will be reviewing include:

  • Collection agencies – making them an offer they can’t refuse 
  • Library bumper stickers – perfect for book trucks too!
  • Weapons in libraries – who is ‘packing’
  • Gang Activity and Security – does PLA have their own tag yet?

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    LIS Alumni Reunion during ALA

    Hello everyone!  My name is Elisa Babel, and I’m the new contributing editor to BestofPUBLIB. 

    For those of you who attended ALA Annual in Chicago, I hope you had a great time, whether it was your first time or a repeat visit.  I hadn’t been in Chicago in 11 years so it was exciting to be back.

    Here goes with my first post…

    On Sunday, July 12, I attended the Cooperative Library and Information Science Alumni Reunion which was held in the Grand Ballroom at the Westin River North Hotel during ALA Annual in Chicago.

    Alumni from nineteen participating library schools across the country came for a light dinner buffet and fellowship. (Eight other schools including Syracuse University, UC Berkley, University of Chicago, and Indiana University had private gatherings at hotels and restaurants throughout downtown Chicago)  Many tables were near full to completely filled.  It was a wonderful break from workshops and exhibits at ALA.

    It was pleasure to see a library professor that I was acquainted with and a few current students from my school at our table.  I enjoyed hearing news from campus, impressions about the conference, and the library job search.  If you were able to attend, I hope you enjoyed the experience. It was a fun and informal atmosphere, and I’m glad I attended. 

    Here’s a listing of the 19 library schools that participated the alumni reunion:   ALISE at ALA